8 Track Player Repair
Classic Car Radio Repair
Repair - FM Conversion - Bluetooth - USB - MP3
Hi Folks and thanks for visiting this site!  "8 Track Repair Center" is just an
alternative name for
Barry's 8 Track Repair, created for my radio commercials
to provide a website that is easier to remember on first hearing of a 30 second
commercial, without the complications of whether to spell it "Barry" or "Berry"   
or the question of how to handle the apostrophe which is not a valid character.

You're just one click away from visiting my main website, which is loaded with
information including You Tube videos of my repair work, FM conversions,
prices, sources for belts and parts, and everything you always wanted to know
about the technical aspects of the 8 track format and how your original classic
car AM radio can be converted to an FM-capable audio POWERHOUSE with
modern features such as Bluetooth, USB reader, AUX input and MORE !

Click here to visit  
Barry's 8 Track Repair !